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Terry Boot
1 November
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As befit Ravenclaws, Terry is very studious and hardworking. He knows his academics, but he doesn't know people. The slightest thing will set him off on a crush that becomes a near obsession until he finds someone else. He's a bit of a bore sometimes and is always studying, but if someone wilder catches his fancy that's what he'll become. He's got a tendancy to try to make himself into whatever anyone wants him to be, even if it goes against his nature.Example: he used to have a crush on Daphne Greengrass and acted evil-ish for a month, even looking up Dark spells and thinking about becoming a Death Eater... but then, Susan Bones caught his fancy and he dropped all that. Terry's father is muggle - a fact he did NOT tell Daphne until the end of their non-relationship - and very overbearing. He insists that just because Terry's a wizard doesn't mean he can so easily cast aside muggle school. So Terry's summers are spent studying math and english and other muggle courses while he spends the entire school year learning magic. His mother was top of her year at Hogwarts - being a witch herself - and she has a lot of pride... she wants her son to carry on the tradition. (It'll be something to talk about at her notorious garden parties, anyway) Terry doesn't know what he wants to be. He has the talent to be good at nearly anything he does (except dancing - the boy has NO rhythm) but his tastes change so quickly that it's hard for him to find just one thing he wants to do with the rest of his life. More than any sort of high marks - Terry wishes for some just to accept him the way he is, but knows that no one will.

Terry doesn't exist. Icons are Jonathan Rhys-Meyers. Terry is JRK's. Patronus is Gough's. I am mine. No profit, infringement, etcetera.